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About us

About Us

The comfortable, stylish, sexy and cool inner world of a woman at every moment of her daily life, we are here with pieces that allow you to easily reflect your style.


SWIT started out with the idea of being a brand that salutes stylish and cool women who belong together, who are strong and stand on their own.

Swetlana (Swit), the creator of the brand, is a strong woman who has gotten used to living in Turkey and aims to contribute to Turkey and Turkish women.

We created comfortable, stylish and attractive collection that contributes cool inner world to women`s style at every moment of their daily life. Also, we promise that you will be able to diversify your timeless elegance with our new designs that are so different from each other at short intervals!

Moreover, you will be withnessing that looking “COOL” and “STYLISH” with the SWIT brand is not dependent on high prices.